98% of all

domain research

happens in the browser

The EstiBot add-on lives in your browser and automates your daily routine.

It's free, secure and never tracks you.

The browser extension for professional domain name investors

The EstiBot browser extension, available for Chrome integrates with your web browser to give you instant access to domain appraisal data, CPC and search volume data, whois data and Alexa data for every domain name on the site you are actively browsing.
  • Save time and be more productive

    No more copy-pasting domains between sites and services to get their value or other statistics. With the EstiBot browser add-on you will have access to every pertinent data point for every domain that you see in your browser window.
  • Fast, accurate and secure

    The back-end system powering our extensions delivers appraisal data, CPC data and search volume data in under 1 second for up to 1,000 domain names. All data is encrypted via SSL security to prevent eavesdropping. As with all of our research tools, data related to your research is kept in strict confidence and regularly purged from our system.

  • Powerful filters and export options.

    The extension automatically parses out all domain names found on a particular web site, highlights them with menu options, appraises them and allows you to export the domains and analytics to CSV or clipboard with a single click.

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